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My doctor at the VA in Gainesville quit to be a stay at home dad that is great but the va replaced hin with a nurse. I have been taking pain medications for 15 years I was told i could refill my Rx in the fall when i was signed a new Dr.

it is July. So i went to private Dr and got a refill for 15 days. i spread them out til now in September. Went back to VA and was told becouse I saw a outside Dr.

i violated a federal law and my Rx would not be refilled this is what the advocacy lady told me. I ask for a neurology and was told i had one but it was a E-consultation and they had no recommendations states my pain was due to diabetic neurothamy which i knew i had but is is very painful. So all i can say is if you are a veteran to not tell them you see outside help from a real doctor.

I plan to see my outside Dr and get the medical help i need..PS the VA did drug test on my and like i told them it was negative...I earned the right to use the VA i do not know what is happening to our country. Don Bowen Gainesville Fl.

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